Time-stratigraphic relationships

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He knows geology from having found it out himself. He has set an example of the way geology is done-one hell of an example. To compete with Dave, you’d have to do a lot of walking.” Love once picked up a mail-order catalogue and saw an item described as “Thousand Mile Socks.” He sent for them skeptically but later discovered that there was truth in the catalogue’ s claim. They were indeed thousand-mile socks. He had rapidly worn them out, but that was beside the point. Years ago, almost anybody zakelijke energie vergelijken going into geology could look forward to walking some tens of thousands of miles and seriously studying a comparable number of outcrops. Geology, by definition, was something you did in the field. You sifted fine dirt for fossils the eye could barely see. You chiselled into lithified mud to remove the legs of dinosaurs. You established time-stratigraphic relationships as you moved from rock to rock. You developed a sense of structure from, among other things, your own mapping of strikes and dips. In the vernacular of geology, your nose was on the outcrop. Through experience with structure, you reached for the implied tectonics. Gradually, as you gathered a piece here, a piece there, the pieces framed a story. Feeling a segment of the earth, you were touching a body so great in its dimensions that you were something less than humble if you did not look upon your conclusions as tentative. Like many geologists, Love became fond of the Hindu fable of the blind men and the elephant, because the poem in a few short verses allegorized for him the history and the practice of his science. “We are blind men feeling the zakelijke energie elephant,” he would say, almost ritually, as a way of reminding anyone that the crust is so extensive and complicatedand contains so little evidence of most events in earth history-that every relevant outcrop must be experienced before a regional outline can so much as be suggested, let alone a global picture.

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