The Williamsburg section of Brooklyn

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Anita Harris grew up in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn and frankly went into geology in order to get out of the city. Within the profile of her is a profile of New York City geology (157-67). Her international reputation is mainly the result of paleontol9gical discoveries that have enhanced the search for oil. I accompanied her as she collected carbonate rocks from New Jersey to Indiana. In the zakelijke energie context of Appalachian history-among mountains that are thought by many to represent the suturing of two continents-her cautionary remarks about plate theory are given unrestrained expression, notably on pages 147-49, 217-32, and 274-75. Rising from the Plains is primarily about Wyoming, which includes within its borders an exceptional range of geology. It’s about the roadcuts of the interstate but also about Jackson Hole and the Tetons and the Powder River Basin and the Wind River Basin and the Laramie Range and David Love and his father and especially his mother, who educated her children at Love Ranch, a very long ride from neighbors, in the geographical center of Wyoming. She was born in 1882 and died long before I would have had a chance to meet her, but she is probably the most arresting personality I have encountered in the course of my professional work. You will find the story of the Laramide Orogeny-the rising of the Rocky Mountains-on pages 310-12, the burial and exhumation of the Rockies on pages 313-16, a set piece on the geologic history of Jackson Hole and the Tetons (understand a fragment …) on pages 366-78, and a set piece on the theory of geophysical hot spots (such as Yellowstone, Hawaii, Bermuda, Iceland, Tristan da Cunha, Mt. Cameroon) on pages 388-403, preceded by a passage on the tension between field geology and “black-box geology” (380-86). Sometimes it is said of geologists that they reflect in their zakelijke energie vergelijken professional styles the sort of country in which they grew up. Nowhere could that be better exampled than in the life of a geologist born in the center of Wyoming. The passages on Love Ranch and the years of David Love’s upbringing are on pages 281-82, 287-94, 299-308, and 332-56.

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