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The scientist has something to do, and is almost certain to do it, if he lingers there for any considerable period. He may not have quite decided how Niagara comes to be where it iswhether it was originally in the same place, or down at the mouth of the St. Lawrence; but he will find himself joining in the scientific speculations of the past half-century, as to whether the Water Gap changed to be what it is at the Flood; or whether some immense freshet broke through the barriers once standing across the way and let out what had been the waters of an immense inland lake.” By 1877, Kittatinny House was five stories high. Harper’s Weekly, at the end of the season, ran a wood engraving of the Water Gap in color by Granville Perkins, who had co-working space leeuwarden taken enough vertical license to outstretch El Greco. Under the enlofted mountain, a woman reclined on the riverbank with a pink parasol in her hand. A man in a straw boater, dark suit, was stretched beside her like a snake in the grass. In the crossbedding and planar bedding of the Bloomsburg rocks, as we slowly traced them forward through time, there had been evidence of what geologists call the “lower upper flow regime.” That was now becoming an “upper lower flow regime.” When people were bored with the river, there were orchestras, magicians, lecturers, masquerade balls. They could read one another’s blank verse:
Huge pile of Nature’s majesty! how oft The mind, in contemplation wrapt, has scann’d Thy farm serene and naked; if to tell, That when creation from old chaos rose, Thou wert as now thou art; or if some cause, Some secret cause, has rent thy rocky mantle, And hurl’d thy fragments o’er the plain below. The pride of man may form conceptions vast, Of all the fearful might of giant power That rent the rampart to its very base, Giving an exit to Lenape’s stream, And wildly mixing with woods and waters. A mighty scene to set enchantment free, Burst the firm barrier of eternal rock, If by the howling of volcanic rage, Or foaming terror of Noachian floods. Let fancy take her strongest flight. . . . But, as for us, let speculations go, And be the food of co-working space eindhoven geologic sons; Who from the pebble judge the mountain’s form …
Anita said the rock had been weakened here in this part of the mountain. The river, cutting through the formations, had found the weakness and exploited it. “Wherever a water gap or a wind gap exists, there is generally tectonic weakness in the bedrock,” she went on. “The rock was very much fractured and shattered. There is particularly tight folding here.”

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