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I have a feeling that the hot-spot ideas have been somewhat enlarged beyond the facts. The term itself probably means different things to different people. To me, a hot spot is an area of abnormally high temperature gradients, so high that it can be interpreted as having an igneous mush down below. In the Snake River Plain, the volcanics do get older east to westin a broad sense, yes. But when you get down to details you get down to discrepancies. We don’t know all the ages we should, on the various sets of volcanics. We need to learn them, and plot them up in geographic and time perspective. We will-but to my satisfaction we zakelijke energie have not, yet. I would like to see a lot more regional information. In northwest Wyoming, volcanism began in the early Eocene, fifty-two million years ago. You got the Absaroka volcanic centers. Volcanic debris from them was spread by water and wind across the Wind River Basin, the Green River Basin. Then what happened? Everything went blah. The Yellowstone-Absaroka hot spot abruptly terminated at the end of Eocene time. Where the hell did that hot spot go? Twenty-five to thirty million years later, it was reactivated in the same place. What was that plume doing for all those millions of years? How do you reactivate a plume? We need answers to this sort of thing, and we don’t have them. If the plume theory is correct, you’ve got to answer those questions.”
The hail over the interstate turned to snow, and we passed a Consolidated Freightways tandem trailer lying off the shoulder with twenty-six wheels in the air-apparently overturned (a day or two before) by the wind. Abruptly, the weather changed, and we climbed the Rock Springs Uplift under blue-and-white marble skies. As we moved on to Green River and Evanston-across lake deposits  zakelijke energie vergelijken and badlands, and up the western overthrust-the sun was with us to the end of Wyoming. On the state line was a flock of seagulls, in the slow lane, unperturbed, emblematically announcing Utahthese birds that saved the Mormons. Mormon traffic, heading home, did not seem intent on returning the favor.

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