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To shorten the trip to Lander, and make his own visits more frequent, John Love bought a used Buick.
Under severe nervous and vocal strain, he taught himself to drive, alone, on a wide expanse of level ground. Automatically he called “Whoa, there!” when he wanted to stop.
He knew a stockman who, in a similar effort, had failed, and had destroyed his car with an axe. John was resolved not to let that happen to him. He triumphed, of course, and the family was soon cruising to the Sweetwater Divide, with a picnic lunch and a jug of lemonade. Their horizons, already wide, before long rapidly expanded as John decided to take the first vacation of zakelijke energie vergelijken his life in order that the boys might see the Pacific Ocean before they went to college. The Loves headed west in the Buick. They had a breadbox, a camp stove, a nest of aluminum pots. The back seat was stacked high with blankets. Suitcases rode on the running boards, and on top of the luggage was a tepee.
The boys went to the University of Wyoming, where Allan majored in civil engineering. David majored in geology, and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Words caived into the university sandstone said:
David stayed in Laramie to earn a master’s degree, and later, on a scholarship, went east to seek a Ph.D. at Yale. Arriving with some bewilderment in that awesome human topography, he noticed a line from Rafael Sabatini carved in stone in a courtyard of the Hall of Graduate Studies: “He was born with a gift for laughter and a sense that the world is mad.” Those words steadied him at Yale, and helped prepare him for a lifetime in government and science. As a graduate student, he had to advance his reading zakelijke energie knowledge of German, which he did over campfires on summer field work in the mountains of Wyoming. One book mentioned an inscription above a doorway at the German Naval Officers School, in Kiel-an unlikely place for a Rocky Mountain geologist to discover what became for him a lifelong professional axiom. As he renders it in English: “Say not ‘This is the truth’ but ‘So it seems to me to be as I now see the things I think I see.’ “

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