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One after another, I chose a cobble from the roadcut, handed it to Love, and asked him what it was. A Paleozoic quartzitic sandstone, for example-probably Mississippian. Grains rounded. No biotite. In fact, no mica of any kind. A Cretaceous sandstone. That would be from nearby, not from the mountains. A Paleozoic or Precambrian chert. Some Hanna formation sandstone, Paleocene in age-the matrix of the conglomerate. Some Precambrian quartzite from the Snowy Range, two billion years old. Some bull quartz from a vein in the Precambrian. And one he didn’t know. While the orogeny was making mountains, it was also making basins, for which it is less noted, even where the basins are a good deal deeper than Mt. Everest is high. As zakelijke energie we crossed the Medicine Bow River and approached the North Platte and Rawlins, we moved out upon the surface of the Hanna Basin. It was choppy but essentially level nondescript ground, like all the rest of the rangeland on the apron of the mountains. It was not water, and we were not in a boat, but in some ways it seemed so as we crossed a basin forty-two thousand feet deep. It is the deepest structural basin in North America. It is Cretaceous, Paleocene, and Eocene rock, bent in D’s, with seams of coal as much as fifty feet thick in the arms of the D’s. D nion Pacific. We crossed the North Platte, climbed some long grades, examined a few roadcuts, and pulled off on the shoulder at Rawlins ┬áto absorb, in the multiple exposures of the Rawlins Uplift, its comprehensive spread of time-Rawlins, where his mother had boarded the stage north, three-quarters of a century before. In the United States Geological Survey’s seven-and-a-half-minute series of topographic maps is a quadrangle named Love Ranch. The landscape it depicts lies just under the forty-third parallel and west of the hundred-and-seventh meridian-coordinates that zakelijke energie vergelijken place it twelve miles from the geographic center of Wyoming. The names of its natural features are names that more or less materialized around the kitchen table when David Love was young: Corral Draw, Castle Gardens, Buffalo Wallows, Jumping-Off Draw. To the fact that he grew up there his vernacular, his outlook, his pragmatic skills, and his professional absorptions about equally attest. The term “store-bought” once brightened his eyes.

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